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Missing Pieces


Her sculptures collectively entitled Missing Pieces engages with the audience through movement, as the viewer assumes the role of puppeteer. Through her research and practice Maddock questions the representation of World Leaders, Governments and historical figures to draw attention to corruption and world atrocities. She asks why are missing parts from public statues and how this came to be. She explores the emotion behind the vandalism of such monuments and how society now relates to monuments such as these and their relevance to everyday life. Drawing on research into monumental public sculptures across all era's around the world, she has created a series of random body parts displaced throughout the dockyard on a trail of discovery. Maddock aims to appeal to compassion through the human compulsion to fix something which is broken, to complete a puzzle. She humorously undermines the construction of the monumental through a variety of materials, perceptions and scales whilst also emphasising classic symbols of power, asking who truly is the puppet and puppeteer.

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