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foamboard, pins, wire & rusty tools

This installation of sculptures featured in an exhibition at The Hunter Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds Based upon the idea of structures and architecture along with the combination of foam board, pins, wire and old rusted tools, they take an almost church-like form.


Past, Present & Future

Chicken wire, Muslin cloth, Plaster & Rabbit-skin glue

Installation and sculptures past, present future is a recreation of a cave environment and recreations of stalagmites and stalactites. Maddock plays upon the theme of time and how caves can be unaffected by its effects. Due to the slow growing nature of these natural formations its seems in the present that time is at a standstill however they are also a reminder of the past having being formed over thousands of years. Caves are also a flash into the future as these formations will continue to grow throughout the globe whether they are discovered by humans or not.

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