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Mixed Media

Maddock's third year interim show installation Fragments asks: Have you ever wondered why there are missing parts in public statues? Why do they have graffiti on them? And maybe - why they are even there and what is their purpose today? These are the questions Maddock looks for. Developed from her research into monumental public sculptures from all era's around the world, she has created a series of random body parts displaced throughout the gallery (Sun Pier House, Chatham), which humorously undermine the construction of the monumental through a variety of materials, perception and scale. Works include body parts in, cardboard, clay, plaster, breezeblocks, mild steel, casts, polystyrene, chicken wire, bin bags, paper, wool, and other found materials. One of the artworks was exhibited outside of the gallery on the pier branching out into the Medway river next to the gallery, this artwork was a wooden construction covered in bin bags, that formed the shape and features of a giant head.

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